So did you hear about a coach for life yet? I am pretty sure many must’ve heard about a career coach, but not a life coach. No worries, we got you covered. Starting with the basic idea, a life coach is ideally someone who has the ability and certifications to provide counseling and assistance to customers seeking human support morally as well as in the physical world to resolve various problems and issues bothering them. So where lays the difference because both have the job to tackle up with bothering problems. They both fall under the category of problem resolved, but what differentiates both is the horizon of their work.A career coach is generally more focused on the vocational issues and about crucial decisions that would be required for a better future and stable resource output. Whereas a life coach has a wider horizon that deals with all the major problems ranging from health, finances, work, relationships and even social life.

They use numerous ways and tricks to help the clients develop and learn the required skills for having a better stance and position in the field which boosts up their happiness and confidence for sure.
There is a very strange stigma around this job which describes a life coach Brisbane to be only a help to the differently tabled and mentally unstable.

What a life coach does?

  • Interviews the customers to assess their backgrounds, needs skills specific to each client.
  • Create strategies to help the clients achieve what they desire.
  • Help customers analyze their financial status and help them prioritize their expenses on essentials and explain them with basic financial management.
  • Give tips on managing an active social life, bonds and relationships.

Their daily tasks include the following
Meeting clients on frequent scheduled basis to keep a check on the progresses provide constant encouragement and point put unhealthy habits and helps them cut it down.

According to a source, the estimated average salary of a life coach is about $31,000 or $15 per hour where entry level starts at $22,000.This profession is new in the field and hence does not have any specific requirements, but a life coach is supposed to have skills like problem solving, communication skills, giving solutions, supportive nature, sense of empathy and compassion. Besides that, a person would be expected to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in areas such as psychology, social services or cert IV small business management.

Completing courses offered by OCF or becoming a member means completing 60hours of coach specific training, might prove helpful as it stands strong stating tour quality and credibility.