A setback with mould in your property is that it keeps crawling underneath surfaces of its walls and rising damp in Brisbane. Even worse is that it can return if you do not treat its source.

Here is how you should approach it:

To make mould removal effective permanently, you would need to treat its cause, which is water and moisture.

It is best to seek an advice and help of an expert before committing yourself to mould treatment work.

When you first notice mould in your property make sure you protect yourself and your family from it. It can potentially cause health issues such as allergies.

Next important step is to find out about a company that offers mould removal services. For this, you can check for such a company’s details into your local directory.

With a bit of effort and luck you can find out about details of such companies online, especially the ones that offer services in your area.

Start with conveying your problem to them and if they ask for booking an appointment with them, do so immediately. You may visit their office and get more information about treatments they shelve for problems like mould and damp in properties.

Agree to a time for a visit by their contractor for an inspection of your property. It would include an investigation into source behind the problem, locating the source, level of mould and damage to property.

After a thorough investigation into your problem, you would be presented with an initial advice on work and its scope.

Once you agree to get your problems solved immediately, they would present you with a detailed estimate, treatments available, work details including project length and cost.

You must ask about all details of work, and particularly about effectiveness of treatment of source of the problem. A permanent solution to cause of the problem is a must. Otherwise, mould can return again. All your money and effort would go in waste.

If water is seeping from water pipelines in your property or level of moisture is higher because of any other reason you get it solved permanently.

A professional contractor would always advise you on getting work done on source of the problem first. Once they treat the source, they would carry out mould removal and repairs work.

Generally, cost of treatment of source is packaged together with mould removal and other work. So, cost stays competitive overall. Even when it is slightly higher, it should not be an issue, given it is very important to treatment of the problem.

Important safety tips:

Don’t come into contact with contaminated areas.

Also protect your family members from coming into contact with contaminated areas.

Keep your belongings away from affected parts of your property.

Take all other precautionary measures to ensure you and your family stay safe and healthy until mould problem is solved.